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In moving there are many do's and don't and for the benefit of you, the person moving from your San Bernardino home or office we will focus more on the do's.

It is well understood that you are not a professional mover. No matter how many moves you have under your belt it is not your full time job, nor is it most likely the job of the people who are helping you perform the relocation.

Do pack your items accordingly. Light and fragile items must never be packed with heavy items, let alone packing them underneath something with more weight that it can support. You can guarantee yourself breakage by doing this. While it may add to the number of boxes you have always keep in mind that the heavier the item the smaller the box. A small sturdy box will go a long way with heavy items.

Make sure that everyone taking part in the residential move is aware of proper lifting techniques. Use legs and not backs and always ask for assistance with something that weighs more than one can handle.

Do not pack flammables, aerosol cans or chemicals with the rest of your items. These products will do much more harm than future good if their containers are broken and allowed to co-mingle with your belongings. They are better left moved on their own in a separate vehicle or purchased anew.

Do make sure that you have a box packed with the things you will immediately need when you arrive after your San Bernardino movers get you to your new home or office. If you are changing residences this is very important. Make sure you pack things like medicines, toiletries and other necessities in this box.

Do not ever attempt to move an aquarium that contains water. Laughable as it sounds this has been attempted many times and the results are rarely good.

Do make sure to pack your boxes tightly so that whatever is inside of them during storage does not move or shift and purchase packing materials that will protect the items you have packed, especially those that are more prone to breaking, such as dishes, computer equipment, televisions and mirrors.

Do not pack plants. Packing plants in boxes (yes this has been tried, also) or loading them on to a truck is like asking for them to be destroyed. Plants will be much happier if you move them on their own, and so will you.

Do plan your route! This is a very simple thing to do with the internet and the many map making sites that are at your disposal. This will save you time and gas and lessen any confusion for those who are doing the driving.

If you are concerned about the move you are making and any damage that can be caused, do yourself a favor and contact one of the many fine and professional San Bernardino moving companies that will be happy to work for you, or simply provide you with some moving tips to benefit your move.

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